Harmony, Happiness and Health
through the world of art and artists
Utopian Concepts

The idea - There should be no constraints for Art pursuits.
                  Art should not be confined to a few but reach out to the masses
                  It is a prerogative of a few to support art but it must be a privilege of
                  all to savor its joy.

The Concept -

It is our aim to nurture and nourish art in all forms and to support individuals with talent in all parts of the world.
We wish to create a society which treasures art and respects those who make it.

The Process -

Register for Membership -

Earn Entitlements to        - Scholarships and Nominations, and Art Symposiums

Apply for Barter               - ‘give what you can and get what you want’
                                           Contribute your time, skills, expertise instead of

Participate in art shows - promote self, sell art, buy art, make contacts and                                            improve business opportunities

Participate in art camps   - learn people skills, improve talent, increase  
                                          Global prospects through international networking

Enroll for Art Holidays     - indulge in art, interact with artists, and add value to                                            your vacations

Register in Vanity Fair    - create a niche for yourself in the literary society of                                            the world.                  

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