Harmony, Happiness and Health
through the world of art and artists

Art Consultancy

Designing, Management, Planning, and Coordination of art events

Art Symposiums
Talent/Skills Workshops
Residential Art Camps
Concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility through Art 
Art Competitions
Curate Art Exhibitions

Art Sale 

Novel Concepts

Art Holidays/ Art tours
Holidays with a purpose - for those who wish to add value to their ordinary vacation we include art education snippets on holidays to inspiring destinations in India and abroad.

Art Wall 
Give us a wall and we convert it into a mini art gallery!
We will deliver, maintain and promote art bank collection of signature art works on a rental basis to interested Business Houses, Hospitals, Corporate Houses on an annual contract.

Official Art Stationery Supplier
Himalaya Fine Art

Vanity Fair

Invitation for 2 guests recommended by you to 2 art events
Invitation to annual cocktail-dinner for 2
Facility to book /purchase art works in advance
Facility to commission portraits and art works from select artists
Entitled for negotiations, special offers and requests in art shows

Art Bank

The Idea – Money, Beauty and Art must circulate!

The Concept

The art bank is a novel concept of business and art promotion through circulation of art works on display in work areas without having to invest in additional space or paintings.

The Process

We will stock original and high class art works of our members in the Art Bank.
We will lease these paintings for display to interested Business Houses, Hospitals, Organizations and Institutions of repute for a rental fee inclusive of our services for contract period of one year.
We will deliver new paintings and collect old ones at intervals of time throughout the rental period.
We will also allow sale of art works on special requests.

Your responsibility

To ensure the safety, security and condition of paintings in your possession.
To honor rental payments as per the lease contract

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