Holi Land

Title: Holi Land
Code: 1011/s/04/04/14
Artist: Frantisek Turcsanyi
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 61cm X 61cm

About Artist:

Frantisek Turcsanyi leads a double life. In the morning he wakes up as
a vet and he changes into an “occasional painter” in the afternoon. Or
vice versa.
He stepped into the process of artistic creation in the middle of the
African desert, partly through boredom but mainly because of being
enchanted by the peculiarity of the environment.
Although he considers this period of history as abandoned in the
European jungle, it has rooted itself deeply in his work and is reflected
as southern light with cloudless sky, as bright colors, and deep
His paintings sometimes feel like aboriginal batiks with plenty of
structured areas, sub-tones, and colorful surprises.

This painting was inspired by What he saw at nearby villages during the Sula, Nashik, Art Residency.

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