Art Residency ‘Renaissance’ for Artists from different parts of the world came together to work on ceramics, clay, and canvases under one roof in Germany. read more

‘Renaissance der Erde’ an international symposium of art organized by Katalin Bereczki-Kossack- Mainburg and Dr. Andreas Fischer, MdL- Abensberg, invited artists from Europe, Australia, Asia and USA to Germany.

Seema Moghe was invited from Asia, India for the 15 days symposium. read more

Seema Moghe invited for international art Symposium, Germanyread more


On a creative Journey

Art Indulge Foundation Deolali India, in collaboration with Liber Art Foundation, Hungary selected 8 upcoming Artist from India for learning camp called ‘On a creative journey’ at Fonyod, Hungary.
read more


Art residency promotes harmony and happiness
Last week, the Hungarian Cultural Centre inaugurated a new art exhibition, showcasing works by participants from a two-week art residency programme in Goa. read more

Hungarian Art
The art residency camp which is being held at ICG, Dona Paula with Hungarian artists will conclude with an art show titled Intrigued by Indian, the Zephyrs of Goa. read more

Painting for the Final Day
Hungarian artists down for an Art Residency Camp at the International Centre Goa read more

Dr. Subodh to open Art Holiday programme
PANJIM: Renowned artist Dr. Subodh Kerkar will inaugurate 10-day Art Residency/ 5-day Art Holiday programme organised by Art Indulge Foundation read more

‘Art is a great catalyst ‘
says Seema Moghe Who talks about an unique Art Residency Programme ongoing at Dona Paula. read more

Hungarian version of happiness
The Hungarian Cultural Centre is hosting two unique art projects in Delhi. read more

Colours of Nasik
As part of an interactive art camp in the Wine Capital of India, 11 painters from Hungary and Slovakia created vibrant canvases depicting the essence of indian villagers, animals and festivities.
By Divya Kapoor. read more

The opening of the Boszormenyi Artists
Creative participation of fifteen Saturday night exhibition of paintings by Judith Kopocsy beginning with aa Hajdúság took this course in International Artists hajdiJvarosban. read more

Seema Moghe in Hungary for Art Promotion Camp
Seema Moghe, the founder of a social enterprise’ Art Indulge Foundation’ is on a 15-day official visit to Hungary on invitation from the Colony of Artists, County of Hajduboszormeny for an international art promotion camp from the 9th of July to the 22nd of July 2011 more

Az alapítvány vendégeként egy csoport kiválasztott magyar festőművész vehetett részt az indiai Jodhpur vá more

The Inspired by India exhibition displays eight Hungarian painters’ works in the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre more

“In Allurements of India”

Exhibition of paintings by eminent Hungarian artists at Hungarian Centre, 1-A, Janpath > 4th November-3rd December 2010.

NEW DELHI: The Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre here is hosting a one-month-long exhibition of paintings by eight Hungarian artists of different genres at its Janpath premises. read more

A 5-day art appreciation simposium organized and designed by Seema Moghe for MAPF. had it’s inception at Heritage Hotel Khaas Bagh, Jodhpur on 25 Feb 2011 and concluded at the Hungarian Information and CuItural Center, Janpath New Delhi on 3 March 2011. read more

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