Art Shows

Art Show at International Center Goa.
Art Show at National Center for Performing Arts, Mumbai.
Art show at The Lalit, New Delhi.
Art Show at World Trade Center, Mumbai.
Art Show at World Trade Center, Mumbai.
Audience at Art Show, Goa.
AIF Director Natesh, with guest of honor, at the vernissage, Sula Art Show.
© Adrian Dreßler
Audience at HICC Art Show, New Delhi.
© Adrian Dreßler
Award Ceremony at Art Show, Goa.
© Adrian Dreßler
Dignitaries at the Vernissage, WTC Art Show, Mumbai.
© Adrian Dreßler
Inauguration of Art Show at Parimal Art Gallery, NCPA, Mumbai.
© Adrian Dreßler
Director, AIF, with His Excellency, Ambassador of Hungary, New Delhi.
Senior Artists Tibor Brada and Illona Deak at WTC Art Show, Mumbai.
© Adrian Dreßler
Directors, ICG, AIF, HICC, with Hungarian Artist Imre Szakacs.
© Adrian Dreßler
International Center Goa, Art Show.
© Adrian Dreßler
Group Photo of Artists, Members, Dignitaries and Guests at WTC, Mumbai.
© Adrian Dreßler
HICC Art Show, Janpath, New Delhi.
© Adrian Dreßler
HICC Art Show, New Delhi.
Wife of HICC Director, Orsi Kovacs, at WTC, Art Show, Mumbai.
© Adrian Dreßler
Artists and Audience at Goa Art Show.
© Adrian Dreßler
Hungarian Artists at World Trade Center, Art Show, Mumbai.
© Adrian Dreßler
Inauguration of Art Show by Dignatories, at WTC, Mumbai.
© Adrian Dreßler
Director, ICG, Nandini Sahai speaking at Inauguration of Art Show, Goa.
© Adrian Dreßler
Inauguration of Art Show, Goa.
Senior Artist, Imre Szakacs at World Trade Center, Art Show, Mumbai.
© Adrian Dreßler
International Center, Art Show, Goa.
© Adrian Dreßler
International Center, Goa.
© Adrian Dreßler
International Center, Goa.
Invited European Artists, Guest at WTC, Art Show, Mumbai.
NCPA, Art Show, Mumbai.
Participants at Art Show, Goa.
Piramal Art Gallery NCPA, Mumbai.
World Trade Center, Mumbai.
Art Show Sula, Nashik.
Art show, Sula Nasik
Inauguration, National Center for Performing Arts, Mumbai.

Art Residencies

Artist Anita Tiwari, presentation evening, at ICG Goa.
At the Press Conference, Director of ICG Nandini Sahai and Director of AIF Seema Moghe.
Busy at work, Orsolya Csuros, Hungarian Artist at Goa Art Residency.
Creative Journey International Art Residency, sightseeing, Hungary.
Grand dinner for Artists, by The Proenca Family, Goa.
Hungarian Artist, Maria Kiszely at Goa, Art Residency.
Hungarian Artist Andras Gaal, at Goa Art Residency.
Hungarian Artists with their Easels, Goa Art Residency.
Invited Artists at the Press Conference, Goa Art Residency.
Hungarian Artist Piroska Fikner painting at Nashik Art Residency.
Directors, of ICG and AIF, at Press Conference, Goa.
Action Art! Zsuzsa, Gajdan Busy at work, Sula, Art Residency.
Enjoying! Artist at Sula Art Residency.
Guest of Honor, Orsi Kovacs, painting at Nashik Art Residency.
Open forum with Artists, Olga house, Fonyod- international residency.
HICC Director, Tibor Kovacs and wife Orsi, media watch at Nasik Art Residency.
Presentation evening -Nasik art residency.
Rangoli competition -Nasik Art Residency.
Architect, Artist, Kiran Moghe with invited Artist Bene Kinga, Nasik Art Residency.
Artists at work, Fonyod, Hungary, Art Residency.JPG
Fonyod, Hungary, a visit to art show, International Residency.
Maharashtrian Welcome! at Sula Art Residency.
Rangoli demo group Nasik Art Residency.
Rangoli demo Nasik art residency
Sculptor Aranka chats at work with director HICC, Nasik Art Residency.
Trials at rangoli! Nasik art residency.
Hajdu Art Camp Invitation, Hungary.
Art Show Debrecen Hungary, Invitation.
Artist at work! Istvan Korbely- Germany invitation.
Artists with the Indian Ambassador, His Excellency, at Budapest.
Awards, Dr.Pushpa Dravid and Seema Moghe, Meghivo, Berekfurdo, Invitation.
Berekfurdo- Invitation.
Ceramic artist at work - Germany. Invitation.
Budapest sightseeing - collaboration.
Directors, AIF, "Nasik Nuances" -DIAF, HICC, New Delhi, Participation.

Invitations, Participations, Art Holidays & Coordinations

Art show Germany- Mayor, Sculptor- Dr. Anette, Seema.
© Adrian Dreßler
Art show Germany.
© Adrian Dreßler
At the Berekfurdo Art Residency, Hungary
© Adrian Dreßler
Artworks at Art Residency Germany.
© Adrian Dreßler
At the studio of Senior Artist Imre Szakacs, colony of Artists, Szentendre, Hungary.
© Adrian Dreßler
Combined project on clay.
© Adrian Dreßler
Germany symposium -Katalin Bereczki.
© Adrian Dreßler
Historical place, colony of Artists, Szentendre.
Outside the studio Szentendre Hungary.
© Adrian Dreßler
With His Excellency Indian Ambassador, at Budapest Hungary, Seema Moghe, Pushpa Dravid, and Imre Szakacs
Delhi International Art Festival, Dignitaries with Senior Artist Jatin Das HICC New Delhi.
Director HICC Mr. Kovacs Tibor Art Show Delhi.
HICC Director and Naresh Kapuria of The Lalit, New Delhi.
Inauguration, DIAF Director Pratibha Prahlad at HICC Janpat.
With Chief Guest Artist Paresh Maity and Dignitaries at HICC New Delhi.
Artist and Non-Artist Members at International Center Goa Art Holiday.
Cultural visits Goa Art Holiday.
Explaining the concept of Art Holiday to the press, Directors, ICG and AIF.
HICC Director and Ar. Member Vrushali Raje, presentation evening at Art Holiday, Goa.
HICC Director and Non-Artist Member Shweta Kale presentation evening at Goa Art Holiday.
Hungarian Artists trying their hand at Rangoli.
Site seeing with Artist and Members Goa Ar Holiday.
Member Artist giving a demo at Goa Art Holiday.
Art Residency at Khaas Baugh Jodhpur for MAPF.
With the Maharaja of Jodhpur at his palace MAPF Art Holiday.
Artists, Members and Guests at Jodhpur Art Holiday.
Fun-Time Artists at Khaas Baugh Jodhpur Art Holiday.
His Excellency Hungarian Ambassador, International Dignatories, Artists and VIPs at HICC New Delhi.
Kerala Art Camp.
'Renaissance'- clay and art - Germany. invitations.
Local site seeing Jodhpur Art Residency.
Turban Tying Competition European Artists at Jodhpur Art Residency.
With the Maharaja of Jodhpur at Umaid Bhavan Palace, Art Holiday.
Art Holiday at Sula Nashik.
Scientist Artist Attilla Csaji - Jodhpur art show - coordinated.
Working on clay! 'Renaissance', Germany, Invitation .
Kerala camp - 'Prazanta' coordinated.
Guest of Honour and Chief Guest - art show at Sula.
International Artists, at 'Renaissance der Erde', Germany.
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