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Art Show, Exhibition and Sale, at Art Life Art Gallery, Noida.

Feb 2013.

Art Show, Exhibition and Sale, at ‘The Lalit’, New Delhi.

March / April 2013.

Art Show, Exhibition and Sale, at ‘The Kempinski’ Budapest.

After May 2013.

Final dates will be announced shortly.

Those who wish to exhibit their art works may email 5 recent painting images with titles, dimensions in cm, technique, genre and expected price in INR clearly mentioned with each image, to for final selection on or before the 20 Jan 2013.

Only 2 works by each artist will be selected for every art show.
Finally selected paintings will be intimated by email to artists on the 25 Jan 2013.

Painting Size restricted to 120x120 cm only.
Paintings selected must be fully finished and framed for exhibition by artists.
Paintings must be transported to the specified venue and taken back from the venue after conclusion of exhibition by the artists.
 Artists will be sent COA and terms and conditions for exhibition and sale after selection.

Only paintings attached with documents duely signed by artists will be put up for show.

Only written communication by email will be considered valid for all purposes.
All dates, venues and programmes are subject to change.

Art Camp proposed at Cochin with co operation of the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, New Delhi, with invitations to Artists from Hungary, Sweden and Germany to be part of the ongoing Kochi Muziris Biennale, Oct 2013.


The Art Wall – by Art Indulge


The art bank will stock paintings made by eminent foreign artists invited to our art camps and also those donated by the Indian member artists of the foundation. These paintings will be put up for promotion in select venues with the name of the foundation and the profile of artist with their works. A blank wall will be converted into a mini art gallery with art works from the Art Bank.

The Aim is to add aesthetic value to void spaces and to promote world class art without having to invest into it as well as to create opportunities of generating revenue through sale of the art works on show for both, the foundation and the hosts.

The Art Wall - by Art Indulge was launched at the design studio of Lucid Lane Designs Pvt.  Ltd., Nashik in Jan 2013. One artwork of Yolanda De Sousa and one of Prabha Kashalkar is on display currently.

If you are interested in having an Art Wall at your office / home, please
Contact : Seema Moghe on +91 9860254845 Or
Email her at


The Director, Seema Moghe has been invited to the art symposium "Renaissance of the World" in Puttenhausen, Germany in April 1st-7th 2013. For a Joint Art Show there after.Prospects of will be discussed and explored for the foundation members.

Talks have been initiated with the Indian Council of Cultural Relations to extend support to the foundation for its art events in India and abroad, for art camps, art exhibition venues, logistics and financial aid so that funds are not a constraint to the selected and deserving artists and members.

Proposals have been put forward to the Ministry of Culture, New Delhi, for extending support for future projects.

Discussions are in process with Galleries in Delhi, Mumbai and other places of prominence for Art Wall and Art Shows.

Discussion for Participation in the United Art Fair, 2013 for the Indian and International member artists of the foundation in co operation with the HICC is in process.


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