Open to all global citizens.

Artists get an international platform to showcase their works, enhance their careers, develop skills, upgrade network and expand business prospects.

Others/ Non-Artists, get to be a part of a niche society.  Hone their creative faculty. Expands their contacts. Participate in events and activities away from their routine.

Honorary Members, It’s an honor to have them with us.




Validity: 1 year from the month of registration.
Renewable subject to foundation norms /policies/ approval.

Fees: INR 2000/- or USD 30/- or Euro 25/- * Quote your fees.

  • Professional
  • Self Taught
  • Professionals
  • Businessmen
  • Services
  • Art Ignoramus
  • Art Lovers
  • Art Collectors
  • Curators
  • Students*
  • Children*
  • Differently abled*

We Define

  • Artists: Those who pursue art as a career
  • Professionals: Those who are qualified and engaged in a profession.
  • Businessmen: Those who transact in goods and services
  • Servicemen: Men in Uniform.
  • Art Ignoramus: Those who are ignorant about art but would like to explore it.
  • Art lovers: Those who have a passion for art, no less no more.
  • Art collectors: Those who invest in /buy Art.
  • Curators: Those who can be incharge of exhibits in places of art shows.
  • Students: Those who are enrolled with an Institution of formal learning.
  • Children: Those 6-12 years. 3- 6 years. Toddlers 0-3 years.
  • Differently abled: Those who may require special facilities for participation. (Visually, physically Challenged individuals)

Registration Process:

  • Applications will be screened before registration.
  • Selected applications will be notified on email
  • Fees will be accepted only after selection.
  • Registrations will be confirmed after the realization of payment.
  • Memberships will be valid for one year from month of confirmation.


  • Only registered members will be invited for participation.
  • Invitation passes for 2 persons for art events.
  • Nominations for national and international art camps.
  • Facility to exhibit/sell artworks on our website.
  • Facility to showcase talent/skills on our website. 


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